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Get the Look: Estate and Vintage Jewelry Through the Ages

Trends are constantly changing, but good jewelry is always in style. Carson Jewelers carries a selection of unique vintage pieces that provide a timeless touch of elegance. For a deeper look into the styles and designs of each time period that we offer, check out our previous guide. 

If you’re inspired by the looks of the past, here’s a manual to creating vintage-inspired looks. 

Edwardian Style Icon: “The Gibson Girl”

The “Gibson Girl” was a series of illustrations created by artist Dana Gibson during the Edwardian period. Building off of representations of women in the past and inspired by the attitudes of the modern woman, the Gibson Girl was meant to embody the Edwardian standard of feminine beauty.

For your clothing, look for a top or dress with a high neckline. Use a belt or a high-waisted bottom to accentuate your waist line. Lace and silk were popular fabrics at the time, so search for items with delicate details. Elaborate hats were popular at the time, but so were loose, low up-dos, with small curls accentuating your face.

For your jewelry, wear small, refined pieces with delicate filigree. Think pieces with elegant bows and wreaths. Small diamonds and pearls would be your gemstone of choice. A brooch or cameo is a classic accessory.

Art Deco Style Icon: Designer, Coco Chanel

Perhaps there’s no other name that’s quite so synonymous with style as Coco Chanel. A designer herself, Coco’s signature style is still a go-to today. Rather than dressing for passing trends, Coco opted for simpler items that carried a timeless style. 

For your outfit, think neutral colors; Coco popularized the idea of “The Little Black Dress.” If that’s not quite your speed, consider something with stripes or a subtle nautical theme. Adding a tweed blazer will dress up your outfit and give it a vintage spin. 

For jewelry, you’ll want to find bold and chunky pieces with sharp and geometric patterns. Look for opportunities to play with contrasting colors in your gemstones––onyx, rubies, lapis, sapphires, and emeralds were all popular. Layered strings of pearls are another option for a more understated look. If you want to take a chance, think about adding a bold brooch.

Retro Style Icon: Actress, Lauren Bacall

Best known for her roles in To Have and Have Not, Murder on the Orient Express, and The Big Sleep, Lauren Bacall always wowed audiences with her beauty and her fashion. 

For your outfit, don’t hesitate to be a little bit daring. Bacall was an early adaptor of the jumpsuit. A loose leg, high-waisted pant would also be a good option. For your top, look for blouses with a dipping neckline and a smaller waist. Don’t forget the ruby red lipstick!

For your jewelry, look for bold colors. Pieces with large gem stones and striking patterns are a staple. For a more subtle look, pearls are classic choice to cap off that Retro look.