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Choosing Your Wedding Band

You’ve chosen the perfect engagement ring, popped the question, and picked a date! Now it’s time to choose the bands that you and your spouse will wear. This can seem like an overwhelming task, but we’ve put together a few important points to guide you through the ring-buying process. As always, our staff are specially trained to qualified to help you find the perfect band; this should be a ring that you’re excited to wear for the rest of your life!

Try it on!

Don’t be afraid to visit our store and try on some of our bands. We stock a wide selection and our staff is trained to help you choose the perfect bands for you and your partner. Trying on bands can help you decide on the perfect fit for your marriage.

Consider the People Behind the Rings

Wedding bands are a great avenue to showcase your personality. Subtle and classic? Fun and daring? You get to decide! Choosing bands that express the love that you and your partner share can be a fun activity to share and serve as an outlet to express your creativity.

What’s Your Style?

Consider the style you’re going for. Traditionally, engagement rings and wedding bands are sold in a matching set. This is a timeless and sophisticated look. Even if you bought your engagement ring elsewhere, Carson Jewelers staff can help you find a close match. If you want to try something different, many couples are opting for ring sets that aren’t perfectly matched. This shows off your unique style and allows for the engagement ring and wedding band to be worn on separate hands or fingers, if desired.

Talk About Budget

Discuss budget with your partner before choosing bands. This is the start of your marriage, so it’s important to be on the same page when you both make this decision. If the bands you both love are out of budget -- don’t sweat it -- you can always upgrade your bands later on.

For more information about choosing the perfect wedding band, visit Hearts on Fire, or stop by our store to see our selection.